BFH Final Report

Final Report of BFH (2009-14) John Markert and Jeff Bunch

Good Evening, Morning, fellow parishioners

As we conclude our five-year Building a Future of Hope Campaign, on behalf of the Parish Council and ourBFH Committee, I would like to say thank you for a successful campaign.  It has been five years in the making, and has involved five years of sacrifice by many of you.  We’ve accomplished quite a bit with the nearly $625,000 dollars raised for our parish (not counted the $625,000 raised for the Archdiocesan Ministry Funds). For the last five years I have told you what we have planned to do.  It’s nice to review now what we have accomplished.

  • New Windows were installed in the School and parish office in 2011.
  • New fifty-year metal roofs were put on the School, Parish office, and Rectory in 2012.
  • The portable classrooms were removed in 2013
  • A new building was finished recently, creating a media center and science lab/classroom along with new bathrooms, a ticket office, and a concession stand for the athletic field.
  • Landscaping and new safer walkways were added.  A new aesthetically pleasing fence was installed recently.
  • The parking lot was resurfaced this Fall.
  • Old asbestos tile was abated from four classrooms last summer, and this past month abated from the old school library space.
  • That space will be soon be converted into a new and improved Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten (3 and 4 year old) space, moving them from the basement of the parish office into the center of the school.
  • The 2006 completed A/B/C room has been freed up for bereavement and adult/family formation/spirituality space.

None of this could have been accomplished without the support of all of you the parishioners of St. Edward.

As many of you know at your own home, once one project is finished there always seems to be another one waiting to be started.  The same is true for our parish.  As our Parish Council and Parish Leadership set our next three-to-five Parish Plan for a new pastor, there’s lots of projects and deferred maintenance that needs to be done.

Some projects are minor: ($10,000-30,000 each)

  • Renovating the old school bathrooms.
  • Replace the outdated phone system in the parish office.
  • Replace LED sign above Gym.
  • New Roof on youth Center.
  • Create playground space near the athletic field.

Others are major, ($40,000 – $110,000 each)

  • New metal roof on the Church Sanctuary.
  • Replacing a large A/C unit for the Church Sanctuary.
  • Replace school’s 1980’s Boiler.
  • Creating drive-under covered entrances to the Church and the School and a new covered entrance to Gym.
  • Renovating the old rectory for the next priest-pastor and renovating the old Child Development space for other uses.

The Parish Council and Finance Council are working on ways to accomplish these things over the next Five years. Some of the smaller projects might be done from the general annual budget.  But it’s impossible to cover all of the costs through our normal stewardship collection.  An Annual Parish Fund for both School & Parish is in development to offset some of these costs and eliminate the need for another expansive capital campaign program.   More about this will come next year. Our Planned Giving for wills and estates and an Endowment for the School and Parish are also works in process. It continually takes a lot to maintain a village of 1600 families.