Adult Faith Formation

Includes Marriage Preparation for the Engaged, Order of Christian Initiation for Adults (OCIA), Senior Spirituality and Vocations.

Family Faith Formation-Religious Education

This religious education program offers children, in grades K through 8 and who are not enrolled in a Catholic elementary school, an opportunity to grow in faith using the Sunday lectionary as a basis for catechesis.

Fr Scott Murphy, contact………………………………………………….. 267-7494, ext. 17

Mrs. Ana Vasquez de Rodas, Hispanic contact………………… 267-7494, ext. 37

Spiritual Formation

Faith Formation

Spiritual formation, faith formation, religious education, and catechesis all describe our efforts to teach the Catholic faith in ways that draw all people closer to Jesus and deepen their participation in His Church. St. Edward’s Office of Catechesis and Formation offers opportunities for all ages to grow in wisdom, age, and grace.

Order of Christian Initiation of Adults (OCIA)

OCIA is a process for assisting adults who on their journey of faith toward becoming members of the Catholic Church. The weekly preparation sessions begin in late summer and culminate at the Easter Vigil Mass when they are received into the Catholic Church through baptism and full initiation. For more information on becoming a catechist and helping in this process, contact the coordinator.

Mr. Gerry Adams, coordinator.

Order of Christian Initiation of Children

BAPTISM FOR OLDER CHILDREN – for a child 7 years or older, in 2nd through 8th grades

We congratulate you on your decision to have your older child baptized. Because they have reached the “age of reason”, defined in Canon Law as age 7 or older, they are to have a period of instruction preceding the Baptism that gives them an understanding of the fundamentals of our faith. They also have a right to participate in the decision to be baptized. Older children will be Baptized, Confirmed, and celebrate their First Eucharist all at once.

  • We ask all families to attend Mass weekly with their children to be baptized.
  • We ask all families to enroll children to be baptized in a special Christian Initiation process held on Sunday mornings 9:45 – 10:45 a.m.. This class presents an overview of our Catholic faith and familiar Catholic prayers and practices.
  • E-mail Fr Scott Murphy for more information and to register.